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My paintings are about where the human spirit and the spirit of place meet. In the studio, I investigate how rendering these points of connection in paint can activate the medium’s capacity for representing the spiritual to facilitate deep personal reflection and entry into a world of intuitive mystery.

Influenced directly by source material gathered from a given space or location, I work from memories, drawings, images and writings. Recent on-going bodies of work have been inspired by an artist’s residency at a nature refuge in Mississippi and from two years spent in Berlin engaging with public spaces and the countryside.

Through carefully identifying and re-organizing elements of source material together into drawings that rigorously address the picture plane and structures of composition, the energy of urban and rural environments is distilled. In walking a line between abstraction and representation, and emphasizing the tension between pictorial depth and the painting’s surface, I aim to make paintings that balance concept and corporality; recognition and the unknown. In singular paintings and those hung in groups, fragments are united to rebuild a framework for activating the spiritual in painting as a liberated relationship of spirit to place.